How To Set Your Appearance For The Stage?

If you are getting ready for the stage, there are certain tips that will come in handy. Remember that your stage appearance does not need to be exaggerated all the time. Depending on the character you are portraying, your appearance aspects would be defined. In general, some touches need to be more than what you would normally apply before stepping out for a party.

Prepping your face

It is best that you ensure that the base skin is balanced before you start to apply makeup. As with theatrical makeup Melbourne, as you would be applying several layers, it is best that you clean your face and apply a light moisturizer to balance out the natural skin oils. For those who are prone to sweating more, they can apply an ice cube over their facial skin. This will close the pores and hold the makeup better. Once you have dabbed your facial skin dry, you are ready to begin with makeup.

Layers to apply on the face

You need to start with a foundation. This should be preferably a shade or two darker than your original skin tone so that your skin does not look too pale on stage. The lighting on stage has a lightening effect on the faces of performers and hence, it is not necessary to put a light shade of foundation to appear fairer. The next step would be to apply a blush on the apples of your cheeks. You might want to touch up with glitter on the edges of the cheekbones if your stage appearance demands it. You can then proceed to add eye shadow that can be a paler version of the kind of apparel you are wearing. Neutral tones like beige or peach also work well. The application can be light or dark depending on how dramatic your eyes need to be. The next steps would comprise of doing your eyes with eyeliner and use of false eyelashes or mascara. You might want to add glitter at the edges of your eyes. It is best to refer to a professional henna artist who also has experience with theatrical makeup. This will help you get the perfect makeup done in minutes.

How to finish the look?

Usually the last steps require you to set your lip color with a lip liner. Ensure that your lips are moisturized and that you add on gloss at the end. You need to blend in the foundation with the skin in the neck area as well. In order to touch up before going on stage, it would be best to carry your lip color with you.

Remedies For Hair Growth That You Can Prepare At Home

One of the most important physical characteristics for a man or woman is their hair. And maintaining it is very important. The hair has the capability of completely changing a person’s look. As you grow older, it’s even more important to nourish it with the right nutrients. Once you get past that 30 mark, it’s important to pay even more attention to ensure longevity of your hair. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive materials that are questionable. There are plenty of options in your house itself. Here is a start:

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the more pleasant options available to apply on your hair. Apart from the citrusy touch, lemon juice has a number of nutrients that can prove to be very helpful in maintaining and prolonging hair growth. It is also known to be an effective agent against dandruff.


The best treatment for acne we’ve seen the wonders of ice. Similarly, eggs may just be the equivalent for a hair treatment. How do eggs help with maintaining hair? Like castor oil, it aids in hair growth. A big component of hair growth is keratin. Keratin is built up of proteins which is what eggs contribute. Most of the protein is concentrated on the yolk so make sure you include the yolk when applying. While you may be put off by the smell, understand that a quick shampoo wash will get your hair as good as new.

Castor oil

This is a great home remedy and also commonly recommended by reliable clinics. What makes castor oil so special when it comes to hair? It can help with promoting hair growth. This lies in the nutrients present in castor oil. Castor oil is rich in omega-9 and vitamin E which stand at the centre of hair nourishment. Due to the consistency of castor oil, it may be a good idea to mix it with another commonly used hair oil since it’s relatively thick which can make it difficult to get off.

Hair oil treatment

It’s important to physically stimulate your scalp to maintain optimum blood flow as well. This can be done with the help of some hair oil and of course some good hands. Even a relatively short period of say, 5 minutes is good enough to keep your hair healthy. While you can also do this without any oil, adding some oil to the mix will make the process a lot better. You can warm up some coconut oil and gently massage it into the scalp. The more frequent, the better. But if you can’t afford a daily massage, make it at least once a week

Try one of these method and you will be surprised with the results!