Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

The time has finally arrived! You might have waited for the longest time, dreaming and believing that one day you will walk down the aisle in your dream dress towards the man of your dreams waiting for you at the altar. As picture perfect as this may sound, it doesn’t happen this way in real life as there are bound to be quite a few mistakes that could ruin this day. If you wish to save your wedding from turning into a disaster, then here are a few wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

No proper budget
Some couples take the concept of “you only live once” quite seriously and end up spending way too much money on their wedding than they can afford. Although it is not a bad thing to spend money on such an important day of your life, it is best to set a budget, so that you avoid over spending. In addition, setting a budget will help you decide which areas you wish to spend on and where you can avoid splurging.

No time for love
What’s the point of stressing out and running about planning the entire wedding if you don’t have a few minutes to spare for the one whom you love and will be spending the rest of your life with? Most brides are so obsessed with the idea of making their wedding perfect that they fail to nurture their love life. Take out time for your fiancé and spend some time with him amidst all the chaotic preparations that are taking place. You could look online for and book one for you’ll so that you’ll can de-stress before the big day.

Last minute appointments
As a bride to be, you might be getting quite a lot of attention amongst your friends and family members who accommodate your tantrums and are willing to help out with anything, even at the last minute. However, the vendors will not have the same attitude because they deal with brides to be on a daily basis. Therefore, last minute changes or bookings will not be accommodated. So avoid waiting until the final day to book dress fittings or hair appointments as this could get you into a lot of trouble.

Stressing out
Regardless of how hard you try, you cannot make your wedding that picture perfect fairytale wedding that you’ve always dreamed of. There are bound to be a few obstacles that you will encounter along the way. Therefore, it is important to stop stressing over the small stuff and focus on the bigger picture instead. If you feel anxious constantly it would be recommended to book an appointment at a luxury day spa Sydney to help you unwind.The crazy roller coaster ride called “wedding planning” is sure to be an exciting one filled with loads of ups and downs. So make sure you reduce the ‘downs’ by avoiding these

Growing A Handlebar: Tips And Tricks

Now that facial hair seems to be back in style, men everywhere are sporting all kinds of it. Scruff seems to be the most popular with the young generation, while full growths are also seen here and there. If the bar to reach is actually a handlebar moustache, then the stakes are much higher than any of the young ones realize; it takes years of dedication to sport one.beard oil AustraliaFor those interested, here are some tips and tricks to growing a handlebar moustache:Patience is KeyJust like the hair on your head, once you start seriously growing it you’ll find that facial hair will just not grow as fast as you wanted it to, or it will grow in the wrong direction. In the meantime, good beard care products Australia can help your moustache grow better. Exfoliate every 3-4 days using a granular facial scrub so that the hair follicles can push out easily and there are no ingrown hairs trapped under the skin to give you pimples or infections. In the meantime, use a fine toothed comb to comb out whatever hairs do grow so that you tease them into the direction you want right from the start. Shaping them later will be much more difficult.Keep It SoftIt will be easier to work with it if the hair remains smooth and soft. But since facial hair is usually course and rough, you can buy beard oil Australia to keep it smooth. Massage it into the hair about 2-3 times a week and then carefully comb or brush it so that the essential nutrients are spread evenly across the moustache. This way the skin will absorb all the nutrients in the oils and will help make the hair smoother, making it easier for you to shape the moustache as it grows.Trim and ShapeOnce the beard has grown to a certain extent, trim it down to a moustache. From here onwards, you should shave regularly and only allow the hair on the moustache to grow in length. Soon it will be long enough to twist into a handlebar shape and then you can start trimming the ends to give that distinctive curled up shape. As you trim and shape it, watch out for ingrown hairs and other problems because they can harm the skin. Follow some skin care tips and make sure that the hair is always soft and malleable before shaping it in order to prevent injury or pain.Follow the above steps and you will soon sport a luxurious moustache much like the old colonels use to do.